Our pilates and yoga classes in Bergen


Our small group (up to 5 person ) pilates reformer classes are ideal for those who wants to challenge and develop strength, flexibility, balance and seeks to improve body awareness and posture with personal care and attention of a skillful instructor.

Our pilates studio in Bergen also offer private training along with some of the best pilates workout equipment that you will find anywhere. Our sessions are designed carefully to offer variety and keep the workouts interesting.


Our pilates mat classes pays special attention to restoring muscular imbalances, correcting body alignment and improving range of motion. Our pilates studio in Bergen certified instructors use rollers, bands, balls, and various other small props for accomplishing these goals.



Our Hatha yoga classes in Bergen will calm and align your spirit, mind and body, and prepare you for meditation. It involves breathing techniques, commonly known as pranayamas, sun salutations and physical postures asanas.

For those wondering what Hatha actually means, it is a combination of two different words. ‘Ha’ representing the sun, ‘tha’ the moon. This practice balances feminine and masculine energies on the right and left parts of the brain and restores energy flow through main energy channels- nadis.


Yin Yoga targets our body’s deepest tissues, fascia, bones, joints, and ligaments. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is excellent for improved blood pressure, hormones, immune function, digestion, sleep, tension, and stress. The Yin yoga in Bergen are ideal for those who wants to give their nervous system, mind, and body a well-deserved break.

Gift Cards

Looking for a perfect health and movement gift. We offer a gift card to join our 2 group reformer classes. From birthdays and Christmas, to prewedding and thank yous. Our classes are fun experience for all age and ability.

Our pilates courses

Following is a list of our courses for people looking to learn pilates in Bergen

  • Pilates mat introduction class

    This 2 hour class will teach you all the basic pilates principles: breathing, neutral and imprint pelvic placement, ribcage placement, shoulder blades movement and stabilization, head and neck alignment. You will learn how to apply these principles doing pilates essential exercises on the mat. It is a perfect class for new practitioners as it allows them to attain maximum benefits from their pilates practice.

    350 kr.

  • Pilates reformer introduction class

    This two-hour class held at our Pilates in Bergen will teach you how to use reformer safely. You will be introduced and learn how to adjust a variety of reformer parts including, gear bar, springs, ropes, jump board, platform extender, box, headrest, foot bar, and carriage. You will learn basic pilates principles and essential reformer exercises. It’s recommended for all new practitioners who wants to enroll to our reformer group classes.

    400 kr.

  • Prenatal pilates reformer course

    During pregnancy women undergo a lot of physical changes. As pregnancy advances, back experiences more strain from three key changes – a shift in centre of gravity, hormonal changes and abdominal muscles changes. This can cause tension and pain in back, pelvis, sacrum, hips, restricted breathing, acidity in stomach and other discomfort. Our prenatal pilates classes in Bergen will strengthen the upper spine muscles, lumbar pelvic region, and pelvic floor. The exercises will improve body’s oxygen flow, reduce tension, fatigue and improve the quality of sleep.

    8 x 1750 kr.

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